Jerry Kamphuis

Born to Dutch Immigrants and raised on a commercial chicken farm, Jerry has a lifetime of knowledge in raising chickens. In 1984, along with his wife Nancy, he purchased his own farm, Country Lane Farms, and began researching how to raise chickens in a better way. This breaking of the chains of traditional poultry farming wasn’t well received by the rest of the industry, but Jerry persevered and was the first poultry farmer in North America to raise chickens without the use of antibiotics. Jerry was the forerunner in developing a whole wheat feeding program in Canada. Working with Alltech, Jerry developed a nutritional supplement specifically designed to improve the overall health and wellbeing of the poultry he raises. This directly translates to higher quality meat for the consumer. Jerry has also teamed up with local beef and lamb producers to provide the same exceptional quality product for his customers. Country Lane Farms is committed to providing healthy, great tasting, reasonably priced chickens directly to the end consumer, and they are proud to serve many throughout south-central Alberta.

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