Liana Robberecht

Corporate Executive Chef Trico Living Well 

Liana Robberecht, is originally from Smithers, BC and currently resides in Calgary, AB. An accomplished and celebrated chef with a long list of accolades and recognition that includes Women Chef & Restaurateurs, Canadian Restaurant & Bar Show, La Chaine de Roitsseurs and numerous city and community awards. Chef Liana believes that women in power have the unique position to mentor, promote and empower others in the industry throughout their culinary journeys, a position of authority is a position of change. With inspiring encouragement that challenges the status quo and ignites the passions of those around her, Liana’s genuine curiosity and empathy helps her forge lasting and meaningful relationships with other chefs, diners and artists. With every bite, conversation and mentor-ship, Liana hopes to connect with others and evoke an impactful change for the future. It is her discipline of the culinary arts, generosity of spirit and creativity that defines her - a woman who inspires others to become their best versions of themselves.

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